BR100 3,800 Increased By ▲ 13 (0.33%)
BR30 19,437 Increased By ▲ 63 (0.32%)
KSE100 36,745 Increased By ▲ 127 (0.35%)
KSE30 15,928 Increased By ▲ 27 (0.17%)
CASES 253,604 0
DEATHS 5,320 0
Sindh 106,622 Cases
Punjab 87,492 Cases
Balochistan 11,192 Cases
Islamabad 14,202 Cases
KP 30,747 Cases

(Karachi) DG Rangers Sindh Maj Gen Umar Bukhari has said that the security forces completed the Pakistan Stock Exchange attack operation by killing terrorists in just eight minutes.

Highlighting details of the tragic incident during a media briefing in Karachi on Monday, he said that the terrorists reached the PSX at around 10:02 am and by 10:10 am all the four terrorists had been killed by security forces.

The DG Rangers stated that BLA militants fired six shots as soon as they reached the PSX gate.

PSX under attack: All militants killed, four security guards embrace martyrdom after attack foiled

He added two terrorists were killed at the first security post while the other two were shot dead on the second checkpoint. He said the terrorists wanted to barge into the PSX building but the timely response of Police and Rangers foiled their attempt.

He maintained the terrorists wanted to disrupt peace and damage economy of the country. Bukhari said, "Peace in the country was a frustration for India's RAW agency." He highlighted that it could not find a way to disrupt peace in the country so it launched an attack on the PSX, clearly indicating RAW's frustration.

These heroes from the police neutralized terrorists at PSX to save the day

He said, "An attack of such nature could not be carried out with the support of an enemy state's agency." Umar pointed out that the security forces are well aware who is behind such incidents and the nexus through which these attacks are launched."

"This attack is not possible without the coordination of sleeper cells." He said, "We will carry out an in-depth investigation of the incident and reveal those behind it."

He said, "The terrorists failed to achieve their nefarious designs which is our success."