BR100 3,800 Increased By ▲ 13 (0.33%)
BR30 19,437 Increased By ▲ 63 (0.32%)
KSE100 36,745 Increased By ▲ 127 (0.35%)
KSE30 15,928 Increased By ▲ 27 (0.17%)
CASES 253,604 0
DEATHS 5,320 0
Sindh 106,622 Cases
Punjab 87,492 Cases
Balochistan 11,192 Cases
Islamabad 14,202 Cases
KP 30,747 Cases

ISLAMABAD: National Transmission and Depatch Company (NTDC) has restored power supply to various parts of interior Sindh which were plunged into darkness due to sudden blaze at 500kV Jamshoro Grid Station.

According to officials, at 1.45 am fire broke out in 132kV Jamshoro-Qasimabad CCT (E7Q1) due to which sparks were observed and fire erupted in 132kV switch yard resulting in tripping of 450MVA, 500/220kV

Fire broke out in 132 kV switchyard of 500kV Jamshoro Grid Station of NTDC at 1.45 am resulting in suspension of power supply to various areas of HESCO,

A spokesman of Power Division said that teams of HESCO and NTDC immediately rushed to the site and succeeded in restoring NTDC 500 kV and 220 kV circuits within two hours beside controlling the blaze.

Owing to close coordination between the teams, power supply to 132 kV grid station was restored, the spokesman added.

He added that power supply to Karachi was also restored soon after initial tripping. Maximum distribution system of HESCO has been restored and power supply was being provided to the consumers, he added.

The spokesman said that the power division has also sought initial technical report into the fire incident.

According to initial reports in the 132kV Jamshoro-Qasimabad CCT (E7Q1) heavy sparks were observed and fire erupted in 132kV switch yard resulting in tripping of 450MVA, 500/220kV ATB-1 & 2 on HV and LV over-current protection. Simultaneously 220kV GSS Jhimper, Hala Road and T.M Khan Road went dark and all WIPPs supply failed (App. 575MW wind Gen on bar). At 0200hrs, ATB-8, 450MVA, 500/220kV opened manually to de-energize 220kV BB-2. 220kV BB-1 remained energized along with 220/132kV T-7.

At 0205hrs, K.E drawl restricted to 550MW. At 0327hrs, 220/132kV 160MVA T-3 energized and auxiliary supply of Jamshoro Grid station restored. At 0335hrs, 450MVA 500/220kV T-1 energized from HV side and LV side and 220kV BB-II energized at the same time. At 0336hrs, 450MVA 500/220kV T-2 energized from HV side and LV side. At 0339hrs, 220kV Jamshoro-Halaroad CCT-II restored and supply given to 220kV GS Hala road. At 0344hrs. 220kV Jamshoro-TM Khan CCT-I restored and supply given to 220kV GS TMKhan. At 0345hrs, 450MVA 500/220kV T-8 energized from HV side and LV side. At 0358hrs, 220kV Jamshoro-KDA CCT energized. At 0409hrs, 220kV Jamshoro-TMKhan CCT-II restored.

AT 0421hrs, 2202kV Jhimpir-TMKhan CCT-I energized and supply given to GS Jhimpir. At 0423hrs, 220kV Jamshoro-Halaroad CCT-I restored. At 0428hrs, KE restriction lifted up and normalized At 0452hrs, 2202kV Jhimpir-TM Khan CCT-II energized. At 0500hrs, all WIIPS supply restored. All 132kv circuit from Jamshoro restored at 5: 50am and all system normalized at 0605am. Damaged isolater of Rajputana circuit is under repair work at Jamshoro 132kv yard.

Meanwhile, Minister for Power Omar Ayub Khan has personally supervised the power restoration operation. The minister appreciated MD NTDC, CEO HESCO and all teams for their efforts to restore power supply in shortest time.

The minister also lauded GM NPCC, Muhammad Ayub and his teams for keeping the whole distribution system stable.

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